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george My name is George Pacheco. Welcome and thanks for stopping by my Portuguese Genealogy pages on the World Wide Web.

Are you putting together a family tree and need the assistance of an experienced researcher? If you answered yes, you have come to the right place! I can help you search for your ancestors, obtain records, and map your family genealogy.

Are you ready to embark on a wonderful journey into Portugal's rich, historical past? Please sit back, make yourself comfortable, and let me help you uncover your family history!

About Me

I am originally from the Pilar da Bretanha, located on the beautiful island of São Miguel, PilarAzores. In 1968, I immigrated to the United States from the Azores and settled in Fall River, Massachusetts for nearly thirty nine years. I currently live and work in the state of Rhode Island.

Since 1989, I have devoted most of my adult life to researching Portuguese genealogical data from the Azores, Madeira, Portugal, and Cabo Verde. I have had the honor and privilege of serving many wonderful people throughout the United States, Canada, and as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

familyIf you are looking for an affordable researcher to help you discover your ancestors and uncover your rich family history, you have come to the right place. I have the experience, skills, and the resources necessary to help you with your research. I am a honest, reliable, and very thorough researcher. As a genealogist, I am committed to the one thing I truly love doing, researching Portugal's rich genealogical past. One of the things that I have discovered while researching Portuguese genealogy is that it is a remarkable and satisfying experience!

Portugal's History

sailshipsPortugal is a nation that is rich in history. The Portuguese navigators were some of the world's greatest. They made many discoveries during long, dangerous voyages into the unknown and became the first to circumnavigate the globe. Portugal became the first true world power and had several colonies around the globe.

Many of its citizens immigrated to different regions of the world hoping to find treasure and work. They introduced culture, ideas, worked hard to sustain their families, and left a footprint, which will forever be recorded in world history.


Since the early 80s, there has been a global effort to preserve and film historicalfilm records that are slowly deteriorating. One organization leading the effort is the LDS Family History Library located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have one of the largest Portuguese genealogical collections, including the largest record archive in the world with billions of records from all around the globe. I have access to the LDS Family History Library and other Portuguese record archives.

If you live near North Dartmouth, MA, feel free to stop by the local Family History Center located on 400 Cross Road. I am usually there on Saturdays, the third week of each month. I will help you get started and answer any questions you have. For hours and contact information, please visit the following: https://www.familysearch.org/locations.

In the mean time, please feel free to look around and do not forget to visit my photos page. I hope you enjoy your stay.


José Ricardo Viveiros
Great Grandfather
Gonçalo Velho Cabral
Monk and Commander in the Order of Christ